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Transfer Your Contact List Effortlessly, Instantly, Securely Across Platforms with PhoneSwappr. 100% Free.

PhoneSwappr securely transfers your entire contact list – intact and uncorrupted – from one device to another even if your devices are on different platforms. No logins, sign-ups or sync cables required.

PhoneSwappr for Blackberry uploads your contacts from your old Blackberry phone so that you can download into your new non-Blackberry smartphone. The transfer happens almost instantly over the air and is intuitive, secure and encrypted. Data is deleted within seven days after transfer so no permanent record or copies remain. Your personal data remains your personal data.

PhoneSwappr seamlessly integrates with other mobile platforms in a hassle-free way that eliminates the need for specialised software or even another computer.

•100% Free
•Cross Platform Interoperability.
•Secure, Safe and Anonymous Data Transfer and Storage
•Easy to use Interface
•No Logins, Sign-Ups, Sync Cables or Computers required.
•Data is deleted after 7 days of Usage.

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Latest Movies Free

Latest Movies application always keeps you updated about the latest movies releasing in your area. It also provides the ratings about the movies, to help you decide if you want to watch it or not.

So, don’t get bored anymore by watching the boring movies. Simply install this app and get the latest movies with their ratings, to decide if you should watch it or not. Always remain updated and gain popularity in your friend’s circle.

If you face any issues or have any feature suggestions, write to us at

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Media Lock Pro Free

Media Lock Pro for BlackBerry® is a powerful privacy app that protects your Media Folder. Media Lock Pro immediately blocks and prompts for password, if anyone tries to access your camera, images, music and videos individually.

Media Lock Pro allows you to lock everything that is in your Media Folder. If you want to only lock your Pictures and not your Camera, Media Lock Pro will help you to do so.

Features :
User-friendly interface
Prevent unauthorized access of music files, pictures, camera and videos
Protects folders on your SD Card including picture, videos and music folder
Locks your ‘Camera’ and ‘Video Recording’
Nobody else will be able to access your ‘Gallery’
Individual Locks for Camera, Pictures, Ringtones etc.

Best, Most Advanced, Efficient, yet easy to use.

Use this application and password protect your precious memories.

If you face any issue with the application please contact us at

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Data Backup

It is now very easy to backup the personal data on your BlackBerry® to the SD Card. An installed microSD card is required.

New features since version 0.0.4 (BETA 3):
– Tasks backup & restore.
– Calendar Events backup & restore.
– Emails backup & restore.
– Restore List: shows all previously created backup files for easy selection and restore.
– Backup location: choose the backup directory.
– Backup medium: media card and internal memory supported.
– Restore Detection: automatic detection which content is in a backup.
– Restore Selection: choose which data to restore (memos, tasks, … or all).
– Progress Bar: shows the progress during backup.
– Step-by-Step: backup and restore screens. Keep it simple!
– User interface improved:
— New program icon.
— Font size is now adjustable over all screens.
— Progress bars now pop up.
— Layout in backup and restore screens simplified.
– Minor user interface issues have been fixed.

New features since version 0.1.7 (BETA 4):
– Feature add: backup & restore of categories
– Feature add: backup & restore of phone call log
– Feature add: wipe data before restore (optional)
– Feature add: use current ISO date as default file name (can be adjusted in options)
– Feature add: report for items that could not be backed up
– Feature add: periodic backups added (daily, weekly, monthly)
– Feature add: options – background color customizable
– Change: general user interface improvements
– Change: splash screen added
– Change: better error handling
– Bug fix: email backup did crash
– Bug fix: task backup/restore; priority was wrong
– Bug fix: minor bug fixes

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Kode Rahasia Samsung

Ini pertama kalinya saya posting tentang android,bukannya berpindah haluan.yang pasti blackberry my favorite
Berikut saya bagikan kode rahasia samsung :

#1234# = Firmware Version. 
*#2222# = H/W Version. 
*#8999*8376263# = All Versions Together. 
*#8999*8378# = Test Menu. 
*#4777*8665# = GPSR Tool. 
*#8999*523# = LCD Brightness. 
*#8999*377# = Error Menu. 
*#8999*327# = EEP Menu. 
*#8999*667# = Debug Mode. 
*#92782# = PhoneModel. (Wap) 
#*5737425# = JAVA Mode. 
*#2255# = Call List. 
*#232337# = Bluetooth MAC Adress. 
*#5282837# = Java Version. 
#*4773# = Incremental Redundancy. 
#*7752# = 8 PSK uplink capability bit. 
#*7785# = Reset wakeup & RTK timer cariables/variables. 
#*7200# = Tone Generator Mute. 
#*3888# = BLUETOOTH Test mode. 
#*7828# = Task screen. 
#*#8377466# = S/W Version & H/W Version. 
#*2562# = Restarts Phone. 
#*2565# = No Blocking? General Defense. 
#*3353# = General Defense, Code Erased. 
#*3837# = Phone Hangs on White screen. 
#*3849# = Restarts Phone. 
#*22673# = Pause REC. 
#*22674# = Resume REC. 
#*22675# = AMR Playback. 
#*22676# = AMR Stop Play. 
#*22677# = Pause Play. 
#*22678# = Resume Play. 
#*77261# = PCM Rec Req. 
#*77262# = Stop PCM Rec. 
#*77263# = PCM Playback. 
#*77264# = PCM Stop Play. 
#*7222# = Operation Typ: (Class C GSM) 
#*7224# = !!! ERROR !!! 
#*7252# = Operation Typ: (Class B GPRS) 
#*7271# = CMD: (Not Available) 
#*7274# = CMD: (Not Available) 
#*7337# = Restarts Phone. (Resets Wap Settings) 
#*2787# = CRTP ON/OFF. 
#*2886# = AutoAnswer ON/OFF. #*3737# = L1 AFC. 
#*5133# = L1 HO Data. 
#*7288# = GPRS Detached/Attached. 
#*7287# = GPRS Attached. 
#*7693# = Sleep Deactivate/Activate. 
#*7284# = L1 HO Data. 
#*2256# = Calibration info? (For CMD set DEBUGAUTONOMY in cihard.opt) 
#*2286# = Databattery. 
#*2527# = GPRS switching set to (Class 4, 8, 9, 10) 
#*2679# = Copycat feature Activa/Deactivate. 
#*3940# = External looptest 9600 bps. 
#*4263# = Handsfree mode Activate/Deactivate. 
#*4700# = Please use function 2637. 
#*7352# = BVMC Reg value (LOW_SWTOFF, NOMINAL_SWTOFF) 
#*2558# = Time ON. 
#*3370# = Same as 4700. 
#*3941# = External looptest 115200 bps 
#*5176# = L1 Sleep. 
#*7462# = SIM Phase.

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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 31,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thanx for all
Happy New Year 2014
Hope your wish come true…


The GR Spider Theme ThemesMaker is coming at you with a new theme by GusRah for all device OS5, OS6 and OS7!

Compatible with:
OS 5 : 8520/8530/9300/9330/8900/9000/9630/9700
OS 6 : 9100/9105/9300/9330/9650/9700/9780/9800
OS 7: 9220/9310/9320/9350/9360/9370/9380/9790/9810/9850/9860/9900/9930/9981

– Certain features of this theme (such as sliding 18 icons on OS5 n call display backgorund) are not available on OS 7 models, because of development constraints, as the theme building software for OS 7 devices has not been released yet.
– This theme is a kind of full custom theme so the memory size bigger than usual theme. Hopefully u will understand that’s why the memory bigger than 1Mb.
– The OS 7 version of this theme includes sliding/open trays.
– To activate the theme, please select Options – Display – Screen Display, scroll down to the installed themes list.
– After installation pull your battery off or reboot/restart your device to make it work perfectly

– Advanced n friendly wallpapers
– Clean 18 Icons with sliding dock on OS5
– Custom banner, message icon n unread icons
– Custom option and setup icon
– Custom media file, media player n browser
– Find other customized by istalling this theme \^_^/

Download Here

Parental Controls

Parental Controls aplikasi tuk mengontrol hak akses aplikasi di blackberry,terutama tuk blackberry yg di pakai anak-anak.

Download Sini

Game Gangstar City

Your brother has been kidnapped and now you have to take out every thug that stands between you and him. Run your own district: Collect money from shops, throw giant house parties, attract gangsters, and guard your crib. Whip out every dirty trick and deadly weapon in your arsenal to take on tons of jobs and make a name for yourself in the L.A. underground. Rob banks, fight police, kidnap enemies and more. Expand your domination over 4 different districts, from sunny Santa Monica to the famous streets of Hollywood. In Gangstar City, you’ll become the king of L.A. or die trying!

*Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.

Download Here

Blackberry 9720

Blackberry kembali meluncurkan product baru mereka,dengan mengusung layar sentuh 2,8 inci, BlackBerry 9720 juga dilengkapi dengan keyboard, trackpad, tombol BBM khusus, BlackBerry OS 7 terbaru versi 7.1, serta fitur antarmuka untuk membuka ponsel atau akses kamera dari lock screen hanya dengan menyentuh (swipe).
Blackberry 9720 di bandrol dengan harga 2,6 juta tersedia dalam dua warna pilihan yaitu hitam dan putih.

Ayok tunggu apalagi,buruuuan beliiii……

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