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Crazy Survival Buat Game Maniak

The most uncommon and the oddest but at the same time the funniest and very dynamic game.
Don’t be surprised if in a week you will find yourself playing it with the same enthusiasm.

So imagine that the world has gone mad and crazy balls are falling from heaven.
What should a poor Man, caught in this insane weather do?
Of course run and scream!

The objective of the game is to keep the Man alive. A player
should try to escape from as many balls as possible. The final
score is the number of the balls that the Man has managed to avoid.

To make the Man run to the left or to the right, a player can choose
whatever buttons he/she wants.
But running not always means salvation, sometimes in order not to be killed
a player can leave the Man stay still for a second or two.


Don’t let the balls kill you! =)

***** Have Fun! *****

Download Yuuck


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