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PhotoClub – Fun for BlackBerry

PhotoClub enables your BlackBerry® as a funny make machine with photos! It includes Adjust Photo, Add Clipart, Add Frames, Add Effect and Add Custom Elements these useful and funny functions.

Now comes with Billboard Scenes and unlimited online clip-arts & frames download in v1.2.1

Due to more than 5000 users’ nice feedback, and more than 10000′s giveaway, we ended the giveaway campaign, be so KIND to understand this, it’s a deserved app for you.We will keep on updating to serve you.

**Tutorial video at Youtube by search “PhotoClub MMMOOOO” or Visit Roadmap page link at ‘Help’**

Changelog in v1.2.1:
1. Fixed the Bug – After doing ‘crop’, the screen become white. 2. Support BlackBerry® ‘Back’ Button. Add 5 new cliparts and 5 elegant Frames. 3. Add 2 kinds of new Effects – Sephia & Scence.
4. Support getting cliparts and frames online.
5. Shortcuts for movement, pixel by pixel movement via ‘alt+navi’,speedy movement via ‘shift+navi’.

When exported the photo edited by PhotoClub, you can use it as wallpaper, screensaver to personalize your phone; share with your friends as MMS, Email attachment or upload to any photo sites you like. You can also use it on Twitter, MySpace, MSN Messenger, as an AIM buddy icon, a Skype avatar, a message board avatar.

1. 6 functions to deal with your photo, you can use one of them or some of them in one time 2. You can add own custom cliparts or frame
3. Easy to use, speedy in operation

1. You may resize the photo firstly to enjoy a speedy and smooth operation. 2. Custom elements must be in transparent .png format.
3. To move a clipart or photo in QWERTY models , via ‘alt+navi’, speedy movement via ‘shift+navi’.

You can find it at :
Download Sini


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