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Skype To Skype Telkomsel(Free)

Kabar Gembira bagi pelanggan Telkomsel BlackBerry. Kini anda sudah bisa nelepon sepuasnya Skype to Skype melalu BlackBerry anda dengan biaya yg tetap tanpa dikenakan biaya apa pun. 25 ribu perbulan telepon sepuasnya.

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Download Skype Telkomsel

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SpeedTest For Blackberry

Test kecepatan akses internet dan download pada blackberry kamu dengan aplikasi SpeesTest

Download Klik Sini

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Game DopeWars For BB

Mainkan peranan anda menjadi bandar narkoba dunia dalam game dopewars

Download Klik Sini

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Gym Technik For BB

Gym Technik – 30 Day Free Trial!

Voted Best Health/Fitness App For The BlackBerry® – Best of 2010 & 2009
“Best Training-Only ‘Berry App” – Flex Magazine

With Gym Technik you’ll motivated and reach your fitness goals faster. Get workout guidance and track workouts, body stats, and schedule monthly workout routines with your BlackBerry® Smartphone. Your stats sync to where you can find workout plans, build routines, chart your progress and view workout summaries.

Get access to our library of exercises with instructional images and videos. Need more exercises? Add your own to the library.

Gym Technik transforms your BlackBerry® into your workout partner:
* Stream full motion video on each exercise
* Track reps, weights, time for all exercise types: Free weights, machines, resistance bands, cables, body ball
* Track time, speed, distance, and calories burned for cardio exercises
* Use the built-in resting and recovery timer
* See how you performed each set and exercise previously
* Track body weight, body fat, and body size measurements
* Upload progress photos
* View and schedule workouts on a calendar
* Sync and save all your data securely onto Gym Technik Online
* Share progress with automatic Facebook/Twitter messages
* Get personalized workouts pushed to your BlackBerry with PremiumPlus

At you can
* Access workout data anytime & anywhere
* Graph workout & body stat progress
* See before/after photos of yourself

Download and get a 30 day free trial of Premium. The app is available to premium accounts only. At the end of the trial, you will not be charged unless you choose to upgrade at

Download Klik Sini

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