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Tattoo Tycoon FREE

Look behind the scenes of the tattoo culture and build your own tattoo empire! Set up a perfectly furnished studio and prove your skills at handling your employees and tattoo machine! Improve your reputation and squeeze money out of your customers by fulfilling their wishes and offering individual advice, refreshing drinks, comfortable sofas and the trendiest t-shirts! Create the most impressive tattoos by designing new patterns and by improving your equipment! Let skilled employees give you a hand and manage your employees and make best use of their abilities! Work your way up from a backyard parlour owner to the scene’s most successful tattoo artist and become a tattoo tycoon!

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Photo Pro Free Buat BB

Photo Pro is the Free photo editor for your BlackBerry®! You can edit your images easily and send them to all your friends and you can directly upload into Facebook or through email. A menu item will be shown when you use the file explorer and select images, which makes it easy to start editing.

*Write Text
Save As Wallpaper
Save As
Send Email

You can save image into different formats like .jpg, .png, .bmp etc and you can send the email to your friends. Undo, Redo features are also provided. You can save edited picture to your albums and you can set it as wallpaper.

*Recolor & Write Text : You will be able to do the operations with these two features but will not be able to do Save, Save As, Send Email, Upload to Facebook & Save As Wallpaper.

To get all the functionality You can go with Premium version !!

Required Device Software :
5.0.0 or higher

Download :
Unduh By App World

Unduh By OTA

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Snow Fall Animated Theme(PAID)

You will see snowflakes falling from the sky

press “SPACE BAR” for play animated and press “ESC/BACK” for stop.

* Clean display and wallpaper friendly
* Zen Style with 4 user applications order for 9100/9105/9670/9800 and 5 user applications order for other
* Beautifull battery meter (bottom ball) + signal meter (above ball) customized, very good = green ball – very bad = red ball
* OS7 icon set

Support OS5 dan OS6

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FunText 1.22

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AvatarNux For BBM

Aplikasi tuk buat avatar animasi bbm
Kreasikan karya anda!!!

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Tip Menyelamatkan Group BBM

Tip: Menyelamatkan Group BBM Tanpa Ada Yang Ketinggalan

Seringkah anda mengalami :
1. Group tidak terecover semua?
2. Ada grup yang hilang?
3. Membernya nda lengkap?
4. atau intinya bermasalah pada GROUP BBM setelah di restore?

Perhatikan STEP-STEP berikut :
1. Sebelum backup via DM, pastikan Mobile Network dan semacamnya off semua (di manage connections) 2. Backup via DM
3. silahkan upgrade os
4. Setelah sudah menginstall os dan aplikasi yang di inginkan, cabut baterai 5. restore via DM (ingat sinyal harus off semua)
6. setelah restore semua, jangan lakukan apapun, cabut baterai.
7. dalam kondisi sinyal masih off, silahkan buka bbm anda dan liat groupnya. lengkap beserta isi2 membernya 8. Kalau gagal, tinggal nyalakan sinyal, dan tunggu recovery seperti biasa.

Sumber : kombb

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Aplikasi BeepUs Buat BB

Aplikasi walkie talkie buat  BlackBerry® jd ga perlu ketik langsung pake suara bisa rame-rame lagi

BeepUs is a Push to Talk (PTT) and IM Client.
The Application is BBM™ Connected and checks your contact list looking for users from BeepUs.


How it works: (Yes, you need the BlackBerry® Messenger working perfectly)

• Main Screen:
Manage connections (moderated or not), invite friends to download BeepUs and display your contacts that have the application previously installed.

• Connection Screen:
Invite a contact and wait for acceptance. Use convenience keys or space bar to talk or click in the smile icon to have a bbm style chat.

• Voices
Listen the voices any time on Voices Screen, you can save your entire conversation like a unique voice note.

** After installing the new version of BeepUs, please restart your device. **

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Game Assassins Creed II

Assassins Creed II (Tested for 9000/96xx/97xx)
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Facebook v2.0.058




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Twilight Theme For 9650,9700,9780 OS6

Unduh Theme

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