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UberSocial for BlackBerry pin-locked v 1.257

UberSocial for BlackBerry pin-locked version 1.257

Short and sweet!

This version has two major changes:

– A new icon on the compose screen toggles the BBM update on or off
– Refines the BBM connection process so it only occurs if you choose to update your BBM status/msg when posting a tweet as opposed to when the app first starts
– Allow you to initially decline connecting to bbm and gives instructions on how to connect at a later time – Supports the BBM re-connection/auth process
– Allows you to turn off/on the global ‘quick tweet’ (Uber Tweet) menu item on the system menu. Turn it on or off will require a device reboot for it to take effect.

Download here: Klik Sini

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Christian Pocket Guide

Ada aplikasi keren, canggih dan menarik nih untuk panduan saat teduh bagi umat Kristiani disertai dengan Renungan langsung dari BlackBerry kamu.

Christian Pocket Guide dilengkapi dengan fitur – fitur istimewa, diantaranya: Komunitas Mobile interaktif yang canggih dan menarik buat kamu untuk dapat berbagi kesaksian, tulisan dan diskusi dengan sesama pengguna melalui Komunitas CPG, Buletin yang berisikan aneka informasi rohani, Kalender hari-hari Besar umat Kristiani dan masih banyak lagi.

Kamu juga bisa berKaraoke dengan diiringi alunan musik yang merdu dan Voice Guide sebagai pengingat Doa Pagi dan Doa Malam.

download di :
Unduh Sini

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Shaun The Sheep Theme For 8520

Theme sederhana hasil karya anak bangsa buat pengemar serial kartun Shaun The Sheep

Feature :
Simple icon + shaun the sheep ringtone

Download Unduh Sini

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Sobat Bintang For BB

Are you always ready for another night out at the city?
Are you looking for the hippest, coolest events in town? Are you tired of being stuck in traffic with nothing to do?
Well, meet Sobat Bintang the first Blackberry application from Bintang, Indonesia’s favorite beer.

Sobat Bintang Mobile App gives you access to the latest events in town (Currently for Jakarta only), the coolest places to hangout, and the trendiest topics to discuss. Look also for exclusive promotions and freebies for the app users.
With the latest traffic info (Currently for Jakarta only), you can also use the app to plan for your trip, and avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Please note that you must be over the legal drinking age in your region to download this application.

Download Unduh Sini

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