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TheCrowdVoice For BB

TheCrowdVoice adalah sebuah aplikasi BlackBerry cantik dan asik untuk menemukan dan berbagi kisah menarik. Di TheCrowdVoice, kata ‘menarik’ sangat ditekankan, di mana post dibuat untuk kenikmatan pengguna lain. Ini berbeda dengan jaring sosial, di mana tulisan dibuat untuk kesenangan penulisnya sendiri.

Bulan Desember 2011 TheCrowdVoice menang Australian BlackBerry Develope Challenge, sebagai “aplikasi terbaik yang menghubungkan pemakainya”.

Tidak sedikit pengguna baru TheCrowdVoice yang berkomentar “Wah ternyata mantap banget ya, bangga sama aplikasi buatan Indonesia ini”.

For Indonesian users ONLY (contents presently in Bahasa Indonesia).

*Winner of Australian BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2011*

TheCrowdVoice is a beautiful and fun app for discovering and sharing INTERESTING stories and pictures. With convenient social integration, you can choose to have your posts and photos appear on Facebook and Twitter.

For football (soccer) fans, there’s a special section for football discussions.

TheCrowdVoice is NOT a place for status updates. TheCrowdVoice a little similar to forums, but different from a traditional forum like Kaskus.

Make sure your posts are interesting: informative, funny (jokes/humor), cool photos, etc.

IMPORTANT: If you experience difficulty please contact for support. Please refrain from posting unhelpful negative reviews such as “this sucks” or “I see error” as we cannot fix a problem with no description.

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