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PatitoGames(All Online Games In One)

PatitoGames is a free of charge online game application for BlackBerry® smartphones.

You can choose from various traditional board games (currently 5 and growing) and also select a theme from the ones available to match your likings.

Now you can play:
Classic and Extended Battleship (Naval Battle)
Tic Tac Toe (Three in a row)
American Checkers (English Draughts)
International Checkers (International Draughts)

Coming soon:

If you have ever needed to kill some time, you will love this App. With this, you can challenge friends from your BlackBerry® Messenger contact list, or random strangers from around the world. Also, you can discuss what’s going on in-game with it’s built-in chat feature. Let’s say you enjoyed playing against a certain random stranger, you can ask him/her to add each other to the BBM and play again some other time.

Download it now!
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