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Memory Recycler For BB

Memory Recycler Performance optimizer to deliver a smoother experience by reducing lags and busy-spinners.

Works automatically in the background with no settings required.

Additionally, for activities where you want the minimum possible distraction from lags and busy-spinners, click the Memory Recycler icon just before starting the activity (i.e. click before starting a game, or starting a chat or heavy messaging session). Memory Recycler will do extra memory recovery immediately, to minimize delays during the activity you’re about to start.

Pop-up display after you click the icon shows how much RAM (working memory) and Flash (long-term memory) were just recycled.

“Compare to BeJoose (by The Jared Company)”

This is a light app designed to hit the performance sweet spot for most users simply and efficiently. We also offer a memory utility package, Memory Monster, that comes pre-configured to work similarly to Memory Recycler (which is included), but also lets you scan manually to see more of what’s happening in memory and select and adjust features to optimize your particular set-up. Monster is packed with features, more than most users need; after trying everything out, you can tailor the package by deleting parts you don’t need.

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