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Durable Love

Durable Love ChargeMeUP!

ChargeMeUP! is a BlackBerry half app – half themes that has a story unfolds at the Homescreen.
1. ChargeMeUP! basically works like an app, you have to install it and it will run in the background,
2. voila, you have a new Homescreen look,
3. your Homescreen will be like a movie theatre: the scenes in your Homescreen will change accordingly to your BlackBerry battery condition.
4. the story starts when your battery at the lowest and then ends as your battery is fully-charged.

Durable Love ChargeMeUP! is an app where you can watch your two lovers reaching out to each other as your battery is fully-charged, and they will part their way when the battery level drops down. So how durable are you going to make their love to each other on your Homescreen?
Charge Your Battery to Hold Your Love One!

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Battery Saver Pro

Battery Saver Pro is all in one app that not only saves the battery of your BlackBerry® Device but Optimizes the battery usage on your BlackBerry® for Peak Performance.
With several advanced capabilities, you can now manage your device to boost and conserve the battery! Battery Booster Pro is by far the most advanced battery booster app available for your Device.

Features include:

* Neat design and large buttons with specific functionality to solve your battery problems.
* Enable and Disable rule by checking off the box OR from Space Bar!
* Easy custom Settings include:

1. Brilliant Graph – to monitor the battery behavior for last 24 hours!
2. Great Graphical depiction of battery Level along with current time, battery temperature etc.
3. Manage Connections – To manage your Mobile/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth connections at 1 touch!
4. Auto On Off – Now Schedule your device to turn off and back on when you want at specific time. Multiple off/on schedules are possible and can save a lot of power! You can easily remove the schedule from BlackBerry Menu Button.
5. Monitor Process setting – Notifies you at periodic intervals to warn you in case any app that you choose and is left running in background!
6. Display Manager – to Adjust the Brightness level of your device after set Time ranging from 30-255seconds.
7. Battery Alerts – Get alerts (vibrate + tone) if battery levels fall below 5%-50% (fully customizable)
8. Battery Life Estimation – To project how much talk time, stand-by and Music Play time is left for you specifically for your Device model!

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Aplikasi BlackCharge v1.3.5

Aplikasi untuk mengontrol battery saat dilakukan pengisian (charge). Walaupun file size hanya 36 kb, aplikasi gratis ini punya fitur lengkap.

Fitur :
»Pengaktifan otomatis saat dicolokkan maupun diputus dari arus listrik (plug & unplug)
»Tampilan suhu, waktu, dan tingkat pengisian
»Indikator tingkat pengisian dengan beberapa warna : merah, orange, kuning, dan hijau
»Indikator suhu dengan beberapa warna : hijau untuk normal, merah bila suhu terlalu panas, dan biru bila terlalu dingin
»Notifikasi alarm jika suhu battery terlalu panas.
»Pengaktifan otomatis tingkat kecerahan layar (auto-dim backlight)

Required Device Software
Smartphone: 4.2.1 or higher

Download :

App World


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Game Save The island

Game klasik ini sebelumnya sudah tersedia untuk PC dan kini bisa dimainkan di BlackBerry. Permainan tentang strategi untuk menyelamatkan pulau dan penduduknya dari penyusup.


»Supports all devices above 4.6
»Beautiful and intuitive user interface. 
»Smart computer opponent with individual strategies. 
»Stunning graphics and superb animation.


App World


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