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Fighter Jet

Take out a Fighter Jet and shoot down incoming enemies.

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Pink Theme Buat BB

Theme cantik dengan warna dominan pink, background buku catatan sesuai namanya dan custom icon yang serasi.

Support untuk device :
⁠8520, 8530 (OS 4.6 & 5.0), 8900 (OS 4.6 & 5.0), 8950 (OS 5.0), 9100, 9105 (OS 5.0 & 6.0), 9300 (OS 5.0 & 6.0), 9600 (OS 4.7 & 5.0), 9630 (OS 4.7 & 5.0), 9650 (OS 6.0), 9670 (OS 6.0), 9700 (OS 5.0 & 6.0), 9780 (OS 6.0), 9800 (OS 6.0).OS 7.0/7.1 : 9380

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One Click Online Search

Secara fungsional. aplikasi ini sama dengan aplikasi Google Popup, yaitu aplikasi menu shortcut atau jalan pintas untuk masuk ke halaman web search tanpa masuk ke icon browser. Hanya saja di aplikasi One Click Online Search Free selain pencarian menggunakan web search Google juga tersedia Yahoo dan Bing.

⁠Fitur :
⁠«.Menu shortcut pencarian
«.Web search Google, Yahoo, dan Bing
«.Ukuran file 144 KB
«.Support untuk OS 4.5 ke atas

Via App World

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Wallpaper Changer

Bosen dengan wallpaper blackberry yg gitu-gitu aja
Pengen bisa ganti2 wallpaper secara custom????
Gunakan wallpaper changer

Feature :
«.Enable/Disable app
«.Pemilihan folder wallpaper
«.Interval waktu untuk menampilkan wallpaper 
«Custom wallpaper
«.Ukuran file 29 KB
«.Support untuk OS 5 ke atas


Via App World

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Android Theme For BB

De_Nex7 has it all
«.a huge flip clock
«.weather/OCD slot (by placing an icon in slot #13)
«.Android 4.0 icons
«.a Google icon for Universal Search
«the glowing red banner for incoming messages.
Visually, this theme is brilliant and offers bright colors and a sharp display.
It’s smooth with no lag whatsoever and no noticeable battery or memory drain issues.
As a matter of fact, my battery lasts slightly longer throughout the day when activated.

Also, by positioning your cursor on the clock banner, the large droid clock’s font color and style can be changed by pressing ALT-W for White font/Black flip or ALT-B for Black font/White flip (this feature is not available on Torch 9850/60 devices) or hidden by pressing the ESCAPE key. Bold 99xx owners will discover that they may also switch to a 24-clock in setup and adjust the number position in the flip cards by pressing ALT-E for 24-hour and ALT-S for 12-hour.

Download :

9900,9930 os7

9860 ,9850 os7

9650 ,97xx os6

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