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LS Link4 (Social Games)

Play LS Link4 and challenge your BBM Friends to play. By connecting this application to BBM, you and your contacts can get together, socialize, and communicate by playing against each other. Packed with 9 different themes and 60+ animated smileys (Optional to the original BBM smileys), our in-app chat create the most fun experience chat ever. You can view leaderboards, get achievements and also challenge player who are not in your BlackBerry Messenger List by hosting and joining a game.

LS Link4 also known as Connect Four, Connect 4, Captain’s Mistress, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Fourplay, Four in a Row and Four in a Line is a three-dimensional game with seven columns and six rows. Two play at a time, one with red piece and the other with blue piece. The goal is to be the first to get four colored pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally by dropping the piece into the board.

You can choose the color of the disc and who will take the first turn. Also there is an undo features while playing against computer or in Two Player mode.

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