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Thousands of chatrooms available
With our fun-loving, 55-millionstrong community, it’s easy for you to make new friends in the thousands of chatrooms we have. You’ll definitely find like-minded people out there who share your interests! Chatwith people all over the world – it doesn’t matter if they’re in Russia or Indonesia. Talk about love, music or the latest movies – anything goes.

Connect with anyone on the Miniblog
We’re taking conversations to the next level with our Miniblog. You can also follow and have direct access tocelebrities such as Slank, Melanie Subono, Last Child and many more! Share your thoughts wherever you are and read about the lives of possible friends, allaround the world.

Virtual Gifting
There are just so many ways to tell a friend or a loved one that you miss them, or to send a greeting. At mig33, our virtual gifts do just that. We have a wide variety of gifts for every occasion; from Lebaran to Christmas. With our virtual gifts, there are thousands of ways to say hello!

Social Games
mig33 partners the biggest gaming players to bring you the best games you can get on your mobile phone. We have games for everyone – the romance seekers, sports fans, adventure buffs and brain wreckers! Pump up the fun you have with your friends with awesome games like Monster Fight and Reign of Heroes.

Special BlackBerry® Features
– Integration with BlackBerry® notification
– Integration with your BlackBerry® profile – status messages posted on mig33 will be reflected on your BlackBerry® profile.

Take the party with you, wherever you go. Now integrated with BlackBerry® notifications, migging on your device is as seamless as ever. Be whoever you want on mig33. Stay connected with the world, wherever you may be. The fun never ends… download the app and you’ll see!

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