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BlackBerry Connect Desktop For Nokia

BlackBerry Connect Desktop for Nokia helps you arrange settings for your Nokia BlackBerry devices. This technology helps you connect to colleagues, clients and information. It gives you wireless access to your personal and corporate e-mails on your preferred device. You can enjoy a range of conveniences including send/receive your mails, view attachments, update your calendar in sync with your mail server from a device of your choice. BlackBerry Connect software works seamlessly with the existing applications on the phone, so customers get wireless access to email, calendar and information while maintaining the Nokia experience and functionality. To establish connectivity between the device and the BlackBerry Connect Desktop for Nokia Tool, click Connect. If the Connect button is grayed out, “PC Suite mode” may have to be selected on the device. The PIN will display when the connection has been established. The BlackBerry Connect program enables the mob-e-mail leader’s push e-mail and data access solutions to work with non-Blackberry devices. BlackBerry Connect technology supports the following BlackBerry features: push-based wireless email access via BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Internet Service, attachment viewing, wireless email synchronization. BlackBerry Connect is now available on Nokia 9300, 9300i, E61, E61i, E50, E65, E90, 9500 and Sony Ericsson P910i, P990, P1i.

Note : Download via computer
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4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Connect Desktop For Nokia

  1. LPKI JATENG on said:

    salam kenal 😀

  2. brojoV on said:

    gan,cara pakenya gimana ya?!!! katanya harus pake outlock dari microsoft office?! ditunggu..thx


    • Blackberry connect desktop for nokia tuk sync email,contact,message antara blackberry ke nokia ato sebaliknya.outlock hanya sekedar tuk membaca/sarana tuk backup contact,email atopun sms.
      -semoga membantu-

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