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Islamic Stories for Muslim – Free

*This is the Free Version!

Praise be to Allah(swt) and peace & blessings be on his messenger Muhammad(pbuh).

Islamic Stories is a Free collection of 30 islamic stories for the muslims and non-muslims. These stories will Insha Allah strengthen your Imaan(faith) and motivate you to do good deeds and make your Akhira(here-after) better!

The stories are very motivating & are extremely good for Bedtime or Leisure reading!

App Features:
* 30 Islamic Stories
* Easy Browsing of Stories
* Mark Any Story as Favourite
* Email Story
* Facebook Share

Download Klik Sini

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Call Reminder Notes Lite

Call Reminder Notes, attach Reminder Notes to Contacts, and be reminded as soon as you get the call right on the call screen. No additional Popups. With Call Reminder Notes you can create and assign a reminder for one or more of your Contacts.
Reminder Notes are shown on screen during call (in call and out call), allowing you to view relevant information at the right moment.

•Create a Reminder Note and assign it to one or more Address Book Contacts
• Reminder Note can be set to remain Active even if you cancel/reject a call
•Auto delete reminder after call
•Add reminder after call
•Select the text color you want to see on the call screen
•Manage Reminder: Edit existing reminder
•Assign Reminder, even if the number is not in your Phone Book

Download Klik Sini

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Blackberry Bold 9650 version


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OS Curve 9360 from SmarTone HK

Klik Sini

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The Pinbook is a social application that allows anyone to reach out and meet new people. Designed to be compatible with BBM™, Pinbook allows you to connect with other BBM™ users through the new BBM™ Connected feature. Working along with the BBM™ social platform, Pinbook easily integrates with your BBM™ to add new friends. This also allows you to see Pinbook updates within the BBM™ profile box.

Pinbook automatically matches you to users with similar characteristics as you. Other users may also find you with Pinbook, just fill in as many characteristics about yourself as possible. These characteristics include your:
★ Age
★ Country
★ Gender
★ Interests
★ Language
★ Location
★ Time-Zone

Connect yourself with Pinbook and socialize with new friends!

Minimum Requirements:
BlackBerry OS 6.0 and above
BBM™ and above

Download Klik Sini

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TVRI Streaming

TVRI Live Streaming is now available as one of your BlackBerry® application for FREE!
Only with one click, you can watch TVRI program which bring knowledge and educating the nation with variety programs for all ages without fearing the negative effect of watching television, specially to children.
Enjoy TVRI Live Streaming whenever and wherever while you’re on the go from your BlackBerry® Smartphone. TVRI, the channel of your pride!

– You can enjoy TVRI Live Streaming using 3G network or above with buffering process.
– The picture quality is not HD (High Definition) yet.

Klik Sini

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Game Bugs Traffic

Interesting, captivating game Bugs Traffic will keep you busy for a long time, all you need is to start playing!

So in the game you will find a board with ladybirds, bags and other nice insects. All they will be scattered all over the board, a player should put them all in the right way. The right arrangement of bugs will be seen on a solution board and a player should place bugs as it will be shown on the solution board. To move bugs player should use arrows that are situated on the board. Be attentive and think before making a movement as the number of the movements a player makes and the time that he or she spends on passing a level is important!

We sure you will adore to spend your time with Bugs Traffic!
* smart game
** lovely design
*** interesting game play;
**** more level packs coming soon!

Download Here

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Game Crazy Survival 1.5 World Trip

The creators of the game Crazy Survival present Crazy Survival World Trip the long-awaited continuation can be already on your phones. Only one click will solve the problem of boredom for the next weeks.

Millions of users already know that Crazy Survival is the bomb, but nobody knew that it was just the begging…
The Beginning of … great love. Great love in a crazy cruel world.

There were only two of them, always together, always happy. Till a hooligan decided to break this story. He stole the girl and with the girl he stole peace and life of Crazy Man.

Now to find his better-half Crazy Man has to fight against the whole world, he will cross countries and continents, but will he find her?
The answer depend on you, player.

To find his girlfriend Crazy Man should pass seven continents. The enemies of Crazy Man are balls, rockets, spikes, comets… To move to the next continent Crazy Man should pass 15 levels. To pass the levels he has to stay alive, collect stars or get points. It will be a very dangerous trip, so be prepared.

– breathtaking story;
– beloved character against powerful villain;
– good graphics;
– nice sound;
– interesting levels;
– fantastic game!
– all continents in Premium Version!
***** Have Fun! *****

Download here

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AZR – Text Editor

AZR-TextEditor is a simple text editor especially designed for developers, now you can open your source files directly on your BlackBerry® SmartPhone.
You can open and edit all types of text based files: txt, c, cpp, java, php, html, css, xml, js, etc.
With the demo version of QuickConstructor you can create html pages very quickly without typing anything.

You can also use it simply to take notes.

Key features:
*QuickConstructor (Demo)

Download Klik Sini

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AZR – Remote Prompt

Send commands from your BlackBerry® Smartphone to your machine based on Mac, Linux or Windows, running a special server, and connecting your BlackBerry® Smartphone to your local WIFI Network.

Download server ke PC Klik Sini

Download client ke blackberry Klik Sini

Learn how to run correctly the server on your machine, wiki page:
Klik Sini

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