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Social Music Network

SocialMusicNetwork is an extraordinary way to enjoy music even more!

You can download 600,000+ songs into your BlackBerry®.

SocialMusicNetwork provides you the exact quality that meets to the standard of music-lovers. Let share your songs to your friends of BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter, exchange your playlist with them, make funny comment on their playlist! It’s really amazing you can enjoy of listening the music as good as this app! And even you can communicate with everybody about your music. Fulfill your passion of music with new good songs, song information and lyric, be updated!

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Do you often feel lost while searching your pals in a Hotel, shopping mall or a coffee bar? Well, with Spot My Contact application for BlackBerry®, your problem is solved! Find the location of your friend with just a click of a button. With integrated BBM support, you will just have to request for your friend’s location from within the application and when your friend accepts your request, we’ll have his location drawn out on a map for your assistance. So from now on, you dont have to spend your precious time searching your friends anymore!

Integrated BBM not only helps you find your BBM friends easily, but also enables you to chat away with them seamlessly, you can change your personal message and status too from within the application. If you find this application too good to resist, you can even suggest the application for your BBM friend to download by sending them in-app chat download requests.

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Fake Call Lite

Fake Call is a unique app that allows you to schedule fake calls on your BlackBerry®! If you are stuck in another pointless meeting and have no options, or if your friend is talking your ear off with another boring story, this app is your much-needed rescue gadget! Or if you just want to impress your friends by a call from your favorite movie actor or actress this is one fun app for you!

Fake calls can be scheduled in advance. A Quick Fake Call option is also available for faking a call right away.

You can create a fake call from anyone you want, and your phone will light up with an active call screen identical to the real one. Your favorite ringtone will play and when you answer, you will even get a voice from the other end! Just set the options on voice file and watch your friends squirm as you answer that call from your favorite movie star!

Happy faking 🙂

*** Please set your Fake Call ring profile under Profiles. If your phone does not ring on fake call then it means you have not set your Fake Call ring profile. Please don’t post it as a negative review, set your Profile instead! Goto Profiles – Advanced – Edit – Fake Call and set it to Ring or Ring and Vibrate. ***

We would also like to invite you to try our other apps. Some of them that you will love are : Empower Threaded SMS, Secure Photo, Battery Saver, Call Notes, SMS Counter, Lock Facebook for BlackBerry, Voice Reminder and Lock for BlackBerry Messenger. You can find them in BlackBerry AppWorld by searching on vendor name “Ajani Infotech”.

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