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Laga Bintang

This application called ‘Laga Bintang’ is a soccer mobile magazine developed to target youth in the soccer crazy Indonesian market. Laga Bintang will be a first of its kind mobile magazine in Indonesia – a one-stop destination for all soccer related action, trivia, gossip on soccer players & locker room chats. The soccer loving consumer now seeks more that just news/stats around English Premier League, LIGA and other soccer leagues. However there is no destination today that can give them this on field and off-field action on a 24×7 basis and make them come back for more.
Laga Bintang is made available to fans through a mobile application where the users can get all the soccer content they need for all soccer leagues. Laga Bintang will provide a perfect platform to young Indonesian men to interact with their favourite sport at all times and consume their favourite soccer content on Laga Bintang. It will offer consumers the latest news and information in the world of soccer and will have a unique gamification based leaderboard section called Kontes. Users will award points to their favourite players or teams, predict goals and win weekly and monthly prizes like Gillette and Head & Shoulders product hampers.

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Talking Bunny

Bunny is a star of rock, country and classical music. He will play music for you, just press the guitar behind him, or touch him, you will meet the coolest rocking rabbit! 🙂


1. Real 3D animation, and each animation is created by unique idea;
2. Talk to him, he will be happy to repeat your words;
3. Bunny is cool and really attractive;
4. 2 songs and more than 5 animations, classical and cool!

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This is security software that helps u track,recover and wipe out a lost or stolen phone.
It also helps u backup ur data securely.

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SmartGlance™ provides On-demand and Real-time access to continually changing corporate data, reports and KPIs via mobile smart phones. The powerful SmartGlance custom reporting and analytical tools help users see their own data in rich graphical format, allowing them to interact with their data and take action – all from their mobile device.

Data can be accessed from virtually any enterprise database, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, inventory & distribution applications — all from your mobile device.

1.Support for Secured Hosted Cloud service & Onsite Installation
2.Supports multiple mobile platforms
3.View Data in Rich Graphical formats
4.Analyze by Charts – trend & Column,Pie & Donut
5.Zoom In/Out on charts for better view
6.Tools to compare two elements instantly
7.Tools to compare against target/benchmark
8.All data stored in the App allowing use without internet access
9.XY flip to view data/charts in both directions
10.Drill Down your Data to pinpoint a problem.
11.Share reports, charts and snapshots via e-mail
12.“i” button for extra info view based on data and drill down to specific reports for detailed analysis
13.Hotlinks to phone numbers, urls and emails to take action from iButton allows you to take instant action based on your data
14.Send reports using ready connectors from various datasources like Excel, SAP, SQL, Oracle, CRM & ERP systems, Invensys, Siemens, Rockwell, OSIsoft PI Systems
15.Use ready API to connect to any data source
16.View data in landscape mode for detail analysis
17.Go LIVE in just 12 minutes
18.Filter reports by sender
19.Localization in multiple languages – Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese & Japanese
20.Colors in Real time tag reports to show alarm conditions instantly

21.Use Excel like feature – Sort, Filter, Freeze columns – Coming Soon

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Data Traffic Counter

This application will count and monitor the SMS, Calls (incoming & outgoing) and data traffic.
It is a Simple and easy way to keep an eye over your network traffic.

1)Count and monitor:-
b)Incoming and Outgoing calls
c)Wi-Fi data
d)Edge/GPRS 3G data
2)Display All/Month/ Today
3)Limit and usage notification
4)Billing/Cost calculation

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Change It – Rename applications and Replace native icons with Fancy Icons

Are you getting bored of the native Media icons or you have just installed any Theme for your BlackBerry® and wish you could change some of the Media icons like Camera, Music, Twitter, YouTube, Video and more.

Now you can with Custom Media Icons. The application allows you to change the Normal and Rollover icons.
Moreover, you can Rename the installed apps in your own Native Language!

ChangeIt automatically backups your icons and Default App name to the SD Card so that you can Restore the icons & App Name whenever you want to.


– Change Normal and Rollover icons
– Change the Application name
– Use any image file as your icon
– Restore / roll back all the changes made in a single click
– Supports BlackBerry OS5 and Higher

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Game Avalancha

In Avalancha the goal is to control the snowball as long as you can.

You start the game when the ball is small but as you continue the ball starts to grow. The greater the ball the harder it is to control. You can roll in skiers and snowboarders to get extra points but do not forget that small snowball can be stopped by large obstacles.

Beware of trees, signs and snowmen. Remember the longer the distance the higher the score is!

Try to set your record!

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