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Hide From Wife aplikasi buat blackberry

Are you having a secret admirer whom you want to hide from rest of the world then this app is just for you? This app will hide all the interaction from the contact you want so that its only you knows about him/her calls, email, and SMS. This app will notify you about the new events from the hidden contact secretly.

NOW NO MORE SPYING ON YOUR CONTACTS, SMS AND EMAILS. Keep them private with this application.This app is an Anti-spying App that hides call logs, text messages and emails from specific contacts.

All the calls, text messages and emails are stored in the Stealth Book app instead of native apps.There’s no icon to launch the app. Simply use your Specific key combination to launch the app. Default key combination to launch the app is “Red Key + Escape key – 4 times in a row” which can be changed from the Options within the app.

Some of the Features:
* Completely Hidden Contact list
* Hidden Text Messages
* Hidden Emails
* Edit emails while forwarding
* Hidden Call Logs
* Auto-reply on call disconnect
* Backup/Restore Contacts
* Enhanced Call Logs/Text Messages/Email Filtering
* Threaded SMS
* Customizable message pop-up alerts
* Vibration alerts
* Closes Automatically
* Enable/Disable Message Pop-up
Tags: Stealth Book, Black Book, Hidden Friends, Hide Messages, Hide Emails, Hide Call Logs, Secure SMS, Secure Email, Secure Contacts, Blackbook Lite

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Note : inget selingkuh itu dosa,resiko tanggung sendiri

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Silent Shoot Nux v 1.3.0 Compatible For OS7

Silent Shoot Nux kompatible dengan blackberry OS7

Download Via OTA

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Hacking Magazine

Hacking Magazine is the best way to keep up to date with hacking new on the go! Updated constantly from several different sources, Hacking Magazine gets you the latest hacking news every time you refresh the app.

Be able to read about topics you care about. Our Magazine series of BlackBerry® PlayBook™ apps allow you to stay up to date on the latest news on the specified topic.

– Up to date, get the latest news
– Easy to use, start reading in 2 clicks!
– Fast, get instant access to your favorite articles
– Smooth interface, switch between articles faster than before

If you like Hacking Magazine please write a review. Thanks.

This product comes with a 30 day value back guarantee. More info:

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Games Club – Unlimited EA Gaming

Play UNLIMITED EA GAMES for fixed fee. No individual game purchase. Just subscribe once and keep enjoying all the games in the library. New Games every week. Wide mix of premium EA games – Social Games, action, racing, arcade, sports, puzzle and lot more. Connect and share with your friends on face book, twitter, bbm and social messenger. Enjoy chart busting EA titles like Need for Speed, Wolverine, The Sims 3, Tetris, Harry Potter DHP and several others.

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Soccer Game Kit For Football 2012

Atmosphere and noise maker for the upcoming football/soccer games/champaign/league in the Football 2012. Are you an football fan, come and download!
Tool: Yellow/Red Card, Whistle, famous Vuvuzela, and the typical football playground.

Game for Football fans and making more funny in the famous Soccer/Football 2012!

★★★Promotion:This is an completely Free App. And you can just add a review at App World and email us your phone PIN, we can help you to register as the advanced version with no popup. 🙂

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Profile Switcher Premium Free

Profile Scheduler app for BlackBerry®!

Profile scheduler app lets you automate system sound profile switching. With Profile scheduler, you can schedule profiles to automatically switch between them.

With this revolutionary app, you can even set a particular profile at a particular time slot and another profile at a different time slot to automate the system switch between them.

Please Note: Due to BlackBerry OS security, Profile scheduler can not switch profile when the device is in the Holster mode or keyboard is locked. You will receive a vibrate for these events. Profile switcher will automatically switch profile when you unholster or unlock the device.

* Schedule multiple profiles
* Set days to activate profile
* Neat & simple User Interface
* Low memory consumption.
* Supports BlackBerry® OS 4.6.0 to 7.1.0

Download Klik Here Yaa


A self-care application by AXIS, to facilitate your growing needs in accessing AXIS services on the go. AXIS net is very friendly to use, it will help you to activate the internet packages, top up, transfer balance, and check your internet usage.

Get the latest update of AXIS net with great features:
• Account
Check Balance, Transfer Balance, Reload Balance, Extend Validity
• Package
Check Internet Usage, Buy Internet Packages
• Promo
Update about AXIS’ hot promotions
• Notification
Online notification of your transactions

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Save Our Children

Aku dan adik sayang mama
Tapi maaf ma.

Mengapa saat adik menangis kehausan,
Mama masih asyik BerBBM
Mengapa saat aku tidak bisa mengerjakan PR
Mama selalu bilang coba dulu pikir sendiri, sambil mata melotot ke BB
Mengapa saat aku tidak bisa memasang tali sepatu. Mama selalu menyuruh mbak untuk membantunya, sambil tangan mama lincah menyentuh BB

Aku dan adik sayang Papa
Tetapi, maaf Pa

Mengapa saat mama minta tolong ambilkan pampers untuk adik. Papa selalu bilang ambil sendiri, sambil tertawa di depan layar BB
Mengapa saat aku mengajak main bola. Papa selalu bilang papa lagi capek, tapi tanpa lelah balas BBM
Mengapa papa sekarang jarang sekali menyanyikan lagu saat membobokkan adik. Tapi papa asyik terus pegang BB
Mengapa papa sekarang jarang sekali baca cerita saat sebelum tidur. Tapi papa selalu pegang BB saat membobokkan aku

Aku dan adik sayang Papa Mama
Tapi, maaf pa ma

Aku dan adik jadi benci BB, padahal papa mama menyayanginya
Karena sejak ada BB, papa jarang cium aku
Karena bila pegang BB, mama kalau ditanya PR selalu marah-marah Karena bila ada bunyi BB, papa selalu melepaskan gendongan adik Karena sejak ada BB, mama hanya bisa tertawa dengan BB
Karena sejak kerajingan BB, papa jarang maen perang-perangan lagi denganku

Aku dan adik sayang Papa Mama
Tapi, maaf pa ma
Aku pernah ajak adik berdoa, semoga BB papa mama selalu low bat.
Aku pernah ajak adik berdoa, mudah-mudah wajahku berubah jadi BB. Biar papa mama selalu pandangi aku terus
Aku pernah Ajak adik berdoa, supaya BB papa mama ketinggalan di kantor. Biar Aku dan adik bisa bersenang-senang seperti dulu lagi

Aku pernah ajak adik berdoa, supaya semua orang di rumah ini tidak beli BB kayak papa mama. Agar kalau papa mama mengacuhkan aku, aku bisa main dengan mereka

Papa dan Mama
Maafin aku dan adik

Inspirasi :
Dr Widodo Judarwanto SpA
Save Our Children
(Gerakan Matikan BB di Depan Anak)
“Ayo kita selalu saling ingatkan satu sama lain”

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Random Password Generator

Free now and forever!

The RandomPasswordGenerator creates highly secure passwords that can be used for any sort of password based login. Certain characters can be added or removed from password generation, i.e. if you need a password without an “@”. Fully compatible with BlackBerry® Storm. Very easy to use!

The most secure password is one that does not contain any real word. For many years we know that words like “god”, “sex” or your birthday are the most vulnerable passwords on earth. Why? Because everyone uses them; just because they are easy to remember.

With RandomPasswordGenerator you can create random sequences of letters, numbers and special characters which are very hard to crack. The longer these passwords the password is the more secure it is. Therefore, RandomPasswordGenerator allows to set the length of a password. Then, it is auto-copied to clipboard after password generation. Create a password anywhere with global menu item for “Get secure password”: allows quick secure password generation from within any other application (e.g. BlackBerry Browser, Messages, etc.).

Download Via App World

Download Via OTA

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Rumah.Com adalah aplikasi BlackBerry® untuk Pencarian Properti Terkemuka di Indonesia. Temukan Rumah, Rumah Baru, Ruko, Tanah, Pabrik, Apartemen, Properti Komersial Lainnya di Sini Secara Lengkap.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silakan hubungi layanan pelanggan kami di (021)2935 5288.
Website :

Download Here

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