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Know more about who you know. Gist for BlackBerry® smartphones enables you to access all of your contacts in one place and see updates for each contact from various sources including email, social networks and other online content.

Gist reviews the volume of communication that you have with each and every person in your network, the frequency of communication and the number of account connections for each contact to establish an ‘importance’ ranking.

Gist adds a ‘Get the Gist’ menu item to your BlackBerry’s Messages, Calendar and Contacts applications. When you are viewing an item in one of those applications, you can select ‘Get the Gist’ from the menu to see the Gist profile of that person.

Here’s what you can do with Gist for BlackBerry smartphones:

– See a unified contact list across email, social networks and other sources.
– Get news, status updates and contact details for everyone in your network.
– ‘Get the Gist’ for a contact directly from a message or calendar event by using the BlackBerry main menu.
– Easily share a social update or news item via email, Twitter or Facebook.
– See a photo for each contact and start a text message, email, phone or BBM conversation directly from Gist.
– Sort contacts by ‘Importance’ to highlight the people you’re emailing and meeting with the most.
– Add contacts to Gist from your BlackBerry Contacts, Google Apps, Facebook and Twitter.

Details for this version:
1. Invite to BlackBerry Messenger within Gist. You can now invite a contact to connect with you on BBM from the profile tab in Gist.

2. Export Gist contacts to BlackBerry Contacts App. From the contact profile tab in Gist, scroll to the bottom and select “Send to BlackBerry Contacts” to add the contact to your BlackBerry contacts app.

3. Add and delete contacts from the contacts list view.

4. Bug fixes.

“Using Gist to learn about my contacts was completely effortless and really added a new dimension to communication.” –Jeff Grosse, @CRMFYI

The Gist Promise:

– Your data is wholly owned and controlled by you. At no time is your data shared with other Gist users unless specifically granted by you.
– Your data is secure. We take great lengths to secure all user data and ensure your data privacy and confidentiality.
– The level of data integration that Gist performs is fully under your control. You can use Gist without including any existing accounts, or connect your email, calendar, contact and social network accounts for full integration.
– We will never use your data to reach out to your contacts. Again, you are in full control.
– At any time, you can give the command to wipe all your data from our systems.

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Neon Girls Theme with Compatible for OS7.

Get this beautiful Neon Girls theme to your BlackBerry®.

Definitely you satisfy with this theme

Note: Calling Screens are not Customized for OS7 devices.

Features :
* Complete customized theme to give a Awesome look to your BlackBerry
* Customized battery meter
* Customized signal meter
* OS7 Icons Set
* Five beautiful colorful Neon Girls backgrounds
* Beautiful font which suitable for theme

To activate the theme after successfully downloading: Navigate to Options – Theme – Select the desired Theme and activate. To uninstall a theme please delete it in the application list.

Download Here

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WiFi File Transfer – File Explorer – WiFi FTP Server

Wi-Fi File Transfer is the absolute easiest way to transfer files from your BlackBerry® device to your Mac/PC.
*View and Download files on your BlackBerry® device from browser
*Download movies, pictures and music directly from your BlackBerry® device to your computer.
*Watch and listen to video, pictures and music that is stored on your BlackBerry® device straight from your computer’s browser

To use Wi-Fi file transfer, make sure your BlackBerry® device and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. Then simply open the Wi-Fi File Transfer application, Start the Server and type the IP address into your browser and that’s it. You can now download files directly between your BlackBerry® and any PC or Mac from within the browser. Absolutely no installation on your PC/Mac is required.

Simple Setup:
1) Ensure your BlackBerry® device and your computer is on the same Wi-Fi network.
2) Open the Wi-Fi File Transfer application on the device.
3) Start the server. An IP address will be displayed on your device.
4) Type this IP address into the computer’s browser and start browsing your BlackBerry®! Download files directly from the browser.

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Hot Sexy Free

The best of best sexy girl collection!
We’ve filtered over 10,000 photographs of famous models and sexy all over the world.
You can not find anywhere as sexy photos in this application.
Admire the amazing pictures of celebs, top models, devilishly attractive women and use them as Wallpaper!
– Sexy Stars
– Uniform
– Wet and Wild
– Beach Beauties
– Lingerie
– Seduction Art
– Sexy Asian
– Sexy Sleepover

Do you like sexy girls,sexy stars?
Do you like sexy models?
Do you like asian girl,matchmaking?

Download Here

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Sexy Asian Free

The best of best sexy asian girl collection!
We’ve filtered over 10,000 photographs of famous asian models and sexy all over the world.
You can not find anywhere as sexy photos in this application.
Admire the amazing pictures of celebs, top models, devilishly attractive women and use them as Wallpaper!

Unduh Here

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Aplikasi XL Teman Ibadah

Teman Ibadah is a mobile application providing an array of interesting information to support Moslem in their worship to God, especially in the holy month of Ramadhan. With four main menus: Essentials, Specials, XLInfo, and Xensation, Teman Ibadah will be your trusted partner.
“Essentials” is filled with what you needed to commit yourself in Ramadhan month, such as:
Quran, with bookmark-able Ayas.
Digital Wirid, for you to digitally count your Wirid.
Imsakiyah, with alarm feature set an hour prior to Imsak time, and also an alarm for when the break fasting time comes.
Mosque, a list of Mosque detected near your location.
“Specials” is filled Greetings and Islamic Story to enhance your worship activities.
“XLInfo” is filled with latest News and info from Posko Mudik XL.

And, last but not the least, comes the highlight of Teman Ibadah mobile application “Xensation” with fun features such as:
Music Religi Download to make your searching of Islamic songs easier.
Lebaran e-Card which you can write on and send right away to your beloved family and friends.
Wallpaper to decorate your Homescreen.
Themes to make your BlackBerry get all the Ramadhan feelings.
Enjoy your Ramadhan with a partner you can always trust: Teman Ibadah.

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Aplikasi Rumah Zakat

Rumah Zakat application that aims to facilitate you in making a donation anywhere.
There is zakat calculator feature to let you easily calculate zakat
will put up a lot of features to facilitate the activities of your life.

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Menunggu Waktu

Dulu adalah raja,kini hanyalah raga berbau tanah.
Waktu berganti,raga mulai menua.
Nafas mulai terengah-engah,kulit mulai berombak.
Penglihatan pun mulai seperti cermin berdebu.
Rambut pun berganti warna,tulang-tulang pun mulai merintih kesakitan.
Itulah aku,kini.
Suatu saat pun kalian akan seperti aku,hanya menunggu waktu,menunggu sisa nafas kehidupan.
Hargai dan jangan pernah kau sia-siakan hidupmu.
Pahitnya hidup pasti ada keindahan di dalamnya.
Indahnya hidup pasti ada kepahitan di dalamnya.
“Sayangi dan cintailah keluargamu,waktu tak akan bisa kembali lagi”

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ChatBot For BB

ChatBot is a voice app that engages in a conversation with a human by applying some heuristical pattern matching rules to the human’s input
t is one of the strongest app of its type and has won the Loebner Prize, awarded to accomplished humanoid, talking robots, three times (in 2000, 2001 and 2004).

*from version 4.3 you can configure the ChatBot to auto reply to your SMS when you don’t want to bother with.

ChatBot is the work of Dr Richard Wallace
Dr. Wallace’s work has appeared in the New York Times, WIRED, CNN, ZDTV and in numerous foreign language publications across Asia, Latin America and Europe.

If you invite ChatBot to go to a concert together, she will definitely tells you to attend the worldwide U2 performance. And you, what do you suggest?

ChatBot is the amazing Artificial Intelligence chatbot with which you can create your own unleash virtual personalities.

Human: Is there a God?
ChatBot: Of course I believe in God, unknown person.
Human: Why do you believe in God?
ChatBot: The Bible tells us to believe in God.
Human: Why do you believe the Bible?
ChatBot: I have faith in God.
Human: Why do you have faith in God?
ChatBot: I was raised to believe in God.

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VirtualFan For BB

The idea behind “Virtual Fan” application is, to help those people who can not sleep with out Fan. At least by listening the FAN sound they can try to sleep.
Once the application launches, the Main screen will be visible, on sliding to left they will find Virtual Fan screen where user can start the Fan and go to sleep.
In Settings screen, they have the option to select the “Fan Type” to play the sound.

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