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Aplikasi XL Teman Ibadah

Teman Ibadah is a mobile application providing an array of interesting information to support Moslem in their worship to God, especially in the holy month of Ramadhan. With four main menus: Essentials, Specials, XLInfo, and Xensation, Teman Ibadah will be your trusted partner.
“Essentials” is filled with what you needed to commit yourself in Ramadhan month, such as:
Quran, with bookmark-able Ayas.
Digital Wirid, for you to digitally count your Wirid.
Imsakiyah, with alarm feature set an hour prior to Imsak time, and also an alarm for when the break fasting time comes.
Mosque, a list of Mosque detected near your location.
“Specials” is filled Greetings and Islamic Story to enhance your worship activities.
“XLInfo” is filled with latest News and info from Posko Mudik XL.

And, last but not the least, comes the highlight of Teman Ibadah mobile application “Xensation” with fun features such as:
Music Religi Download to make your searching of Islamic songs easier.
Lebaran e-Card which you can write on and send right away to your beloved family and friends.
Wallpaper to decorate your Homescreen.
Themes to make your BlackBerry get all the Ramadhan feelings.
Enjoy your Ramadhan with a partner you can always trust: Teman Ibadah.

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