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One Browser – formerly iBrowser

“ONE Browser is here. Get the previously renowned iBrowser with the power of ONE by Tencent”

Over 20 Million people use ONE Browser (formerly iBrowser). ONE Browser is based on the amazing new technology known as ONE developed by Tencent, the world’s third biggest internet company with over 800 million users globally. Download ONE Browser to DISCOVER EVERYTHING on mobile as it’s truly designed to be.

★ Get amazing videos, ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications, news and much more at lightning fast speed!
★ The FASTEST, SMARTEST and most SECURE mobile browser to access thousands of hot sites!

What’s new!
1)“Facebook Zone” – Find your friends in Facebook zone! Connect your account, check new messages and feeds anytime!
2)“Online Music & Video Play” – View wonderful collections of photos & videos and listen to great music online.
3)“Download Manager” – You are guaranteed the fastest download speed and the most effective file management.
4)“Music & Video Everywhere” – Open to enjoy music and video files in Download Manager after downloads are complete.
5)“Brightness Adaption” – Your eyes are fully protected by brightness control.
6)“Multi-window Manager” – Control or easily switch between opened windows.
7)“Less Typing, More Surfing” – Get to your favorite content faster with auto-complete url, pre-set speed dials & bookmarks.

Download Here

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