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Let your music match your mood!

Moodagent is the intelligent music player that instantly creates perfect playlists from your local music library (-so make sure you have transferred all your great music to your phone).

Give Moodagent a starting track or set the sliders, and you will get a tailor made playlist based on your mood. You can even launch a series of online recommendations that accurately matches the mood and musical profile of the track currently playing. Rediscover your music collection, create perfect playlists and explore a great new world of personalized music recommendations.

Moodagent lets you:
• Instantly create mood-based playlists from your music library by setting the mood-sliders or choosing a seed track
• Discover new music that perfectly fits your mood and location – if you like what you find, buy it in one click
• Share your mood and taste in music on Facebook and Twitter
• Use the same features as the premium version -only difference is the banner ads.

What’s being said:

“If it was good before, it has just become fantastic.”
May Frederiksen, , April 2011

“I have had this app for like 10 minutes and it is already my favorite music app!”
Brian on NoCrappyApps, Jan 2011

“Quite possibly the best app ever!”
Andrew, March, 2011. Comment on

“Moodagent is intelligent and well made in every sense. It’s brilliant and extremely easy to use. It solves the playlisting-problem in a very simple way. That’s why we’ll reward it with the high score of 9,2 out of 10.”
Lars Flindt Pedersen, Appguiden

“Your playlists are waaaay better than any I ever created myself (and I’m a musician).
Diane Wagner via Facebook. March 2011.

NEW Features:
• Get online recommendations that match the mood and musical values of the playing track.
• Disable individual sliders
• Pre-listen and buy recommended tracks in the 7digital store
• Smart sliders automatically adjusts to display the exact mood setting of the playing track

FAVORITE Features:
• Automatically profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub-genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features
• Instantly create the perfect playlists to match your mood
• Save and replay favorite playlists
• Remove songs from playlist
• Share your mood and taste in music on Facebook and Twitter
• Headset remote controls

How it works:
To create a playlist all you need to do is to set the mood sliders or select a favorite song. To explore new music simply press the recommendations button and Moodagent delivers localized recommendations that perfectly match your mood and taste in music.
Share your playlist on Facebook and let the music speak for itself. Show your #nowplaying track on Twitter to let your followers know which track you are listening to right now.

Some science:
Moodagent is a cloud-based, intelligent application that makes it fast and easy to create playlists and get music recommendations automatically. Its groundbreaking music profiling technology has, for the first time, unlocked the emotional codes of music understanding the mood of any track in a truly human fashion. This enables a highly relevant, personal and musical experience.
When you launch Moodagent for the first time it syncs your music collection to find the matching mood and music profiles we have online. If you find that not all of your songs are synced, then download the Moodagent Profiler from to your Mac or PC and let it profile your library. After that just re-sync and you’ll be able to use most or all of your music collection.


Download Click Here

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