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Chat With Annabel

If you need someone to talk to, chat with Annabel, she’ll listen to you.
Annabel is a friend when you’re bored, a companion when you need someone to talk to.
She Speaks English, you can learn from her if you don not speak English.
Chat with Annabel, she thinks she is human. She is a young, 18 year old female AI Bot, who believes that she is human.
Sometimes flirty, sometimes shy, and sometimes just a little bit eccentric. Discover her character by chatting with her.
She loves to chat with new people online. Enjoy chatting with Annabel any time you want as long as you wish. After installing Annabel, you will be able to chat with her in an instant messaging style client similar to google talk or AIM.
– Go online chatting any time you like and Annabel will be there as long as you wish.
– Artificial Intelligence.
– Tell her your name and she will remember.
– Cool messenger style UI with Annabels picture.
– You can use portrait or landscape keyboard, whatever is best for you.\n
– Share Annabel with your friends.

Download Here

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