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Drinking Smoking Quit Addictions Now.

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i have been there on all counts. i am now 60.
i drank from 18 to 47 and smoked, including dope, from 30 to 47
i was in intensive care twice, given last rites once,
and had pancreatitis four times.

i lost all but my true friends.

i should be dead, im not. read the app and stick to it
and you will avoid a slow painful death, for ciggies drink
and drugs kill you slowly, and all your dignity dies with

i am back playing golf off of 9, that from 3 stone overweight
drinks smoking. i quit 13 years ago on 28th feb 2000
and in 2005 got back into golf after 30 years out.
i had a heart attack in the process apparantly in feb 2009
diagnosed nov 2009. i thought id pulled a muscle in my ribs
and carried on playing albeit short of breath 🙂

you dont need fancy clinics, or group therapy. they rely
anyway on one thing, your willpower.

i will show you how to beat this on your own. as you will start it
on your own anyway, people avoid drunks, druggies and chimneys.

my apps arent fancy, or gimmicky, or anything other than links
to information and self help people really need, for free.

ive been there and know what im on about and ive been clean
of all addictions for 13 years.

you can be too, else you will die painfully young.

Download Sini

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