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Mobile TV at M You Com

M-You (Mobile You) is One Stop Mobile Entertainment Center. Enjoy TV Live Streaming (RCTI, MNC TV, GLOBAL TV), video & picture downloading, flirting even dating, all in one place.

What kind of content you will find on M-You? Watch your favorite program on TV (including RCTI, GlobalTV, MNCTV) on your cell phone anytime, anywhere.

M-You Video: Enjoy a variety of quality video content all the time here! You can choose to watch live Streaming or Download to download content to your mobile first.

M-You Dating: Create a profile and flirt with new friends from different regions. Don’t forget to see how big your chance on love meter.

M-You Photos: Download latest photo collection from models and artists to your cellphone, you can use it as wallpaper, screensaver or private photo collections.

M-You Narsis: Upload your ‘narsis’ photos or video and exist among friends at M-You Narsis!

M-You Religions: Various religious article and video as a spiritual refreshment.

MyLimi: The place to enjoy Indonesian music! Search and find your favorite music and with a simply click you will have it on your phone.

Sociagame: A game center for your cell phone! Find any kind of games and download it directly to your phone!

Download Here

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1Malaysia TV for BlackBerry 10

This app serves a variety of unique services of Internet and mobile TV streaming, portraying the niche of 1Malaysia theme. It puts forward interesting bundle of streaming TV and radio channels which includes:
RTM TV1, RTM TV2, BernamaTV, Al-Hijrah and more. More channels will be added from time to time, so please keep on supporting this app.

Any suggestions? Don’t forget to drop us a review!!!

* This app requires stable Internet connection.
* Subscription to 3G data plan is recommended to avoid additional charges from telcos.

Download Sini

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INFO GempaBumi (v1)

Indonesia EarthQuake Information

Download Here

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Radio Scanner Demo

Listen to various radio feeds in your area. Listen in to your favourite local, police, fire, ems, airport, train and many more feeds. This is the demo version of the application and is limited to only 3 launches per day and also a total listening time of 5 minutes per day. Radio feeds are provided by a 3rd party and can change at any given notice. Check in once in a while to see whether a new feed was added to your area.

Download Sini

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ZonerID Theme For OS7 Only

ZonerID theme for OS7 with playbook icons

Unduh Sini

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BlackBerry Application Resource Monitor

Application Resource Monitor will help your device run as smooth and as long as possible. It identifies open applications and resource constraints that contribute to battery drain or the slowdown of your device and automatically takes the best course of action to fix them.

It contains three main features:

Application Monitoring – ARM monitors third-party applications for device resource abuse and automatically closes offending applications. It only monitors applications that are not in the user’s focus (running in background, or when the display backlight is turned off. Users are notified of applications via the Today view notification banner. Options exist to disable automatic closing of applications as well as ignore specific applications.

Memory Fragmentation Monitoring – This new feature will monitor the percentage of flash no longer available for system use due to memory fragmentation. When device memory becomes badly fragmented, it could lead to a degraded user experience (such as the dreaded ‘hour-glassing’) . The feature will automatically take preventative action at a pre-defined time by default. Options exist to disable detection, change the timing of detection, and to disable automatic recovery.

Low Memory Monitoring – This new feature that will monitor the available free memory on the device. When free memory gets low, it could lead to a degraded user experience (such as the dreaded ‘hour-glassing’). Many reasons can contribute to the device becoming low on memory, but when this occurs, this new feature will prompt the user to either restart the device or close the offending application that is consuming too much memory. An option exists to disable detection.

Application Resource Monitor is available for BlackBerry 7.1 only

Download Sini

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First Aid Box

Our mission is to empower people to manage their health. We accomplish this by providing useful and up-to-date information and tools that reflect the expertise and standard of excellence of mobileBeez’s Medical Tool.
mobileBeez provides basic healthcare information to the Indian consumer via text messaging, mobile web browser, and interactive digital content. We envision the mobile handset providing our content and services to people who want to know more about common health conditions, diseases, and medications. The concept was born from several years of emerging market field work and the realization that a majority of people do not have easy access to accurate health & wellness information.

Download Sini

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Game Command and Conquer 4 – Free Demo

PLAY THE EPIC CLIMAX OF THE SCI-FI SAGA! Kane returns in the most anticipated RTS experience ever made for BlackBerry®!

Choose offensive or defensive classes from GDI or Nod factions, and for the first time, command the mobile Crawler base and move it anywhere on the map. Mobilize for an all-out action-strategy blitz across two fateful campaigns with innovative RPG-style character progression.

Unduh Here

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Game Worms™ Reloaded – Free Demo

500 Char : Get more explosive action with Worms™ Reloaded! Dig into ballistic new modes, locations and weapons! Reload your worm platoons with all-new heavy duty firepower like Marked for Death and the Emergency Teleport. Battle across 28 levels and 7 Earth-rattling game modes. Control a single worm and battle a never-ending spawn of enemies in Body Count Mode, or stand your ground in Fort Mode. With fine-tuned gameplay and a one stop “Worm Shop,” the addictive action never ends!

Download Sini

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myENIGMA Secure Messaging

Send chat messages and multimedia content like pictures, videos, audio or documents to you friends and colleagues while protecting your privacy and confidentiality using state of the art end-to-end encryption technologies.

With myENIGMA messages you send and receive are fully encrypted between you and your recipient(s). No one can spy on the information and no data is stored by the service in plain text. myENIGMA uses a double layer security architecture for extra protection. Furthermore, we authenticate your account by a dual-channel communication based on your mobile number and your E-mail address. This way, we can ensure no one else is impersonating you or using your account without your permission.

Benefit from a professional secure communication solution created by a team of security and cryptography experts at the heart of Switzerland, now available for your smartphone!

Main Features:

– Send chat messages, videos, pictures, audio and more to friends and business colleagues

– Support for secure SMS messages when no data connection is available or while roaming

– myENIGMA contacts are identified automatically and securely in your address book

– Blacklist users you don’t want contacting you

– Invite other people to join myENIGMA with a simple click

– Participate in group chats with the same security levels as on single chats

– Messages and content are only accessible to group members

– Create and manage groups with up to 30 members and control who can join

– Individual group message delivery status available for every recipient

– Send multimedia files to the group without practically any performance impact, despite its strong security protection

Getting Started:

Download and install the application, enter your mobile number in international format (e.g. +4123456789) and your E-mail address, press ‘Register’ and follow the instructions on the screen.

We will verify your account during the registration. Make sure you can receive SMS messages, you are connected to the internet and you have access to your E-mail account.

Download Sini

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