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Game Chamionship Rally 2012

Championship Rally 2012 puts you in the driving seat as you speed, drift and career through some of the best rally action on mobile. Build up points and unlock better cars as you negotiate 12 increasingly difficult and varied courses. Prove you are up to the challenge as you compete to become the ultimate Rally Champion!
This content has a time-based free trial which provides the user with free access to the content for a limited time period.

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Data Backup Free

It is now very easy to backup the personal data on your BlackBerry® to the SD Card. An installed microSD card is required.

New features:
– Tasks backup & restore.
– Calendar Events backup & restore.
– Emails backup & restore.
– Restore List: shows all previously created backup files for easy selection and restore.
– Backup location: choose the backup directory.
– Backup medium: media card and internal memory supported.
– Restore Detection: automatic detection which content is in a backup.
– Restore Selection: choose which data to restore (memos, tasks, … or all).
– Progress Bar: shows the progress during backup.
– Step-by-Step: backup and restore screens. Keep it simple!
– User interface improved:
— New program icon.
— Font size is now adjustable over all screens.
— Progress bars now pop up.
— Layout in backup and restore screens simplified.
– Minor user interface issues have been fixe

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Promo Hunter

Download and Discover the Latest and the Best Credit Card Promotion.
Using this apps you can download all the Credit Card Promotions in Indonesia.

We design this apps to use less Data Package
– Download list of promotion info 1 times only per update (Apps will store the info into you phone, so next time you open the apps, no need to ReDownload the same info again and again.
– Application Alert (We implement alert feature to this apps, once have new promo the apps will be alerted), once new promo come, the apps only download NEW Promo Info only

For who are in wifi area support. You can sync this application through the wifi. So once you need this apps, you can just open and no need to sync the data from 3G/2G.

Download Sini

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