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The app brings you the latest news direct from our worldwide network of reporters, with exclusive content, interviews, transfer gossip, live scores and much more from the world of football.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will be able to get all of the latest football news within seconds, with the app. gives the most comprehensive and expert coverage from all the major domestic leagues and international tournaments.

Features include:
•Real time access to all breaking news
•Live match commentary from 10 leagues around the world and major tournaments
•League standings from the world’s major leagues
•In app customisation to set up ‘favourite club’
•Transfer zone updates
•Live Twitter feed
•Plus even more!

With the app available in 13 different languages you can personalise it to have all the latest football news brought to you exactly how you want it, direct from

Simple and easy to use this is exactly what you need to keep up to date on the go!

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We all know that the backlight of handheld drains battery much. By default, when handheld in idle state, the backlight will not go off until 20 seconds(or 2 minutes) pass. In most cases, it is in vain that the backlight is still on.

With this app, you can turn off backlight immediately with one click, and save your battery greatly.

You may ask: I can use the mute/lock button to turn off backlight, why do I need this?
Because it’s more convenient. It just turns off backlight, however, deosn’t lock screen, so you can easily press any key to turn on the backlight whenever you want. This is so handy and convenient, especailly in office.

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Lie Detector

Lie Detector application for your BlackBerry.

No more lies with the Ultimate Lie Detector. Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete, and the app will attempt to determine the truth.

Lie Detector Polygraph test application will show weather it’s a truth or lie.

Unduh Sini

Raja Kamar

Hotel Booking

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Game Attack Plane

Dominate the sky with the most addictive air game!

Destroy or dodge enemy planes and don’t forget about land enemies!
Game-play becomes more and more challenging as more and more enemies approach you.

Unlimited number of levels!
Earn new life with every new level.

Download Here

Dongeng 1001 Malam

Ayok Ceritakan dongeng untuk anak ato adek mu……

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