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Loud on Table

Loud on Table app automatically enables the speakerphone of your device when kept on some surface while talking and turns it OFF when held in hand. You won’t have to press any key at all. Just place your device on any surface when you are on a call and speakerphone will automatically be enabled.
If you need real hands-free operation this is the app for you!

Loud on Table automatically enables the speakerphone on all incoming and outgoing calls.
You can simply Enable/Disable Loud on Table app by clicking on ON/OFF button at the top of the Main screen of the application. You can also Enable/Disable the Switcher by clicking Enable/Disable Loud on Table (Menu Item) being anywhere on your device, even when you are on a call.

– No settings required. Just install the application and Enable it to make it work.
– Turns ON speakerphone automatically when device is kept on some surface and turns it OFF when held in hand.
– Easily Enable/Disable the app being anywhere on your device.
– Simple and User Friendly

Download Here

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