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Transfer Your Contact List Effortlessly, Instantly, Securely Across Platforms with PhoneSwappr. 100% Free.

PhoneSwappr securely transfers your entire contact list – intact and uncorrupted – from one device to another even if your devices are on different platforms. No logins, sign-ups or sync cables required.

PhoneSwappr for Blackberry uploads your contacts from your old Blackberry phone so that you can download into your new non-Blackberry smartphone. The transfer happens almost instantly over the air and is intuitive, secure and encrypted. Data is deleted within seven days after transfer so no permanent record or copies remain. Your personal data remains your personal data.

PhoneSwappr seamlessly integrates with other mobile platforms in a hassle-free way that eliminates the need for specialised software or even another computer.

•100% Free
•Cross Platform Interoperability.
•Secure, Safe and Anonymous Data Transfer and Storage
•Easy to use Interface
•No Logins, Sign-Ups, Sync Cables or Computers required.
•Data is deleted after 7 days of Usage.

Download Here

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